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A detailed description of the mixing machine
发布时间:2014-04-16    文章来自:Dongguan Xihua Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

Open rubber mixing mill is open plasticator referred to, in the plastic products factory, people are accustomed to call it the two roller machine. Open mill mixing plastic equipment used in the production of plastic products factory has a. In the production line of rolling mill, open mill in the rolling machine, mixer, the role of the mixed raw material mixing, plasticizing, provide a mixed refining molten material is uniform for calender molding plastic products. The production of cable materials, mixing function directly powdery material mixing according to the formula mixed plastic melt, pressure plastic flaky belt, so that the cutter into granular. In the floor leather production line, can be directly for the cloth leather to provide uniform plasticizing kneading bottom paint. Also the recycling of used plastic film (sheet) in a mill to refining return system.

Open smelting machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient operation and easy disassembly, repair, therefore, widely used in plastic products enterprise. The deficiency is operating manual workers consumption of large, hand kneading flip mixing material in high temperature environment, and manual turning mixing times of hardening plastic sheet in mixing of raw materials affect the quality of large refining.

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