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How safe operation of open smelting machine
发布时间:2014-04-16    文章来自:Dongguan Xihua Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

Open smelting machine is a main equipment of rubber factory. Open mill mixing operation is accident prone process, which includes the personal accidents and equipment accidents.

In recent years, on one hand because the rubber enterprise increases rapidly, especially the large number of rural township enterprises set up the rubber, so that a large number of young workers without strict training on batch jobs, violation of operation condition prevails. On the other hand, because the rubber machine production capacity continues to strengthen, because of some steel wire meridian tire and broad tire, tread rubber hardness requirements increase, the mixing machine horizontal pressure, resulting in frequent safety sheet damage, and the fracture accident of roller. So the security state of mixing operation is not optimistic

The protection of workers health and safety in production, is an important policy in our country, the protection of state property, and promote the development of production, is an important duty of enterprise management. Therefore, rubber enterprises, to start work safety should be paid more attention.

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